West Ward

City of Gloucester

1671:TNA, E179/247/13, 56r-v
Thomas Cooke, constable
1672:TNA, E179/247/14, 31r-v
Giles Freeman, constable
The 1672 assessment appears to include a number of entries such as the Castle, which came under St Mary de Lode in the 1671 assessment.
Certificate: TNA, E179/116/544/107
Signed By:Isaac Commelin, churchwardens
Robert Mercer & William Williams, overseers
Authorised by:Henry Fowler, mayor & John Wagstaffe
Holy Trinity parish
William Angell, 2 houses8
William Landford2
Samuel Lugg2
Richard Dawson4
John Lugg3
John Tiler3
Giles Smith3
Thomas Messenger1
William Gittison4
Samuel Freeman6
William Collier 1 & a forge2
And for his forge 2 half years1
Richard Barnfill2
Richard Elliotts5
Alderman Wagstaffe4
Thomas Goodcheafe2
John Branch2
Mrs Fletcher6
William Williams4
Joan Gelding2
Goodwin Pitt2
William Reeve1
Thomas Maning2
Joan Morse2
John Wood3
John Maston3
Joan Wager1
Thomas Merrett2
An unknown number of entries are lost.
Cornelius Plott6
Edward Green2
Widow Window10
Mr Arnold9
Thomas Meeke4
Henry Hayes3
Thomas Eldrige4
Widow Jelfe2
Arthur Barrett3
Widow Wells1
Widow Lucas 1 & a forge2
And for forge 2 half years1
John Thomas3
Richard Wood6
Richard Sweat1
Thomas Holms2
John Witcome1
Mr Harris3
Edward Slaughter2
John Allen2
Mr Dighton7
John Green4
Thomas Harris 2 & a forge3
And for a forge 2 half years1
Joseph Biford2
Thomas Fletcher7
Thomas Osberne2
John Smart3
William Twining2
Francis Reeve2
Robert Beale2
John Hooper2
John Hooper2
Richard Dewxwell4
Widow Freeman13
Nicholas Cooke2
Mr Hathway2
Robert Raynalls1
William Cooke2
John May1
Thomas Weaver2
Edward Powell5
Richard Winke4
John Hughs2
John Lugg4
Robert Elmes5
Elizabeth Cugley2
John Price6
Jeremy Harris2
John Cox2
William Bucknell3
Widow Belcher5
John Wastfeild 2 & forge3
And for his forge 3 half years1
Richard Wood6
Matthew Voss12
Miles Motley2
George Tayler2
John Sisemore2
Widow Cooke2
Widow Harwood2
Mr Phelps5
Mr Arnold2
Widow Jelfe4
John Horwood4
Widow Wintle4
Jane Watkins3
Anthony Suffild4
Joseph Smart 2 & forge3
And for his forge 2 half years1
Mary James3
Mr Crumblome8
Mr Taynton2
Mr Harvey12
Peter Haynes3
Widow Dobbs1
Thomas Mason3
Thomas Pritchard2
Edmund Mason3
Michael Cull9
John Smallwood15
Mr Nicholas Perry5
Mr Francis Shingleton9
Widow Boyle2
Widow Parker4
Francis Hall3
Mr Tayler4
Mr Shinglton4
William Randle3
Joseph Ludloe9
Thomas Croker1
Edward Gregory2
John Caudle3
Thomas Bullock4
William Hutchins4
Laurence Nott3
Thomas Barnes4
Mr Heyler3
Widow Russell2
Andrew Beard2
Samuel Marshall3
Ollife Cake5
Mr Purie6
Henry Partrige3
Thomas Witcome5
John Kinge3
Nathaniel Gardner4
William Jorden6
Richard Till2
James Waker3
William Cosley5
Robert Carpenter4
Richard Caple6
Richard Nash2
James Walker2
Thomas Cooke-
John Tyle-
An unknown number of entries are lost.
Andrew Harvie4
The Castle12
Cornelius Jones 2 & forge3
And for his forge 4 half years2
Joan Veysey1
Francis Lane2
Thomas Smith2
Mr Shinglton4
Idem Shinglton18
Austin Loggins1
Robert Wilmott3
Thomas Steevens5
John May3
Geoffrey Hooves6
Custom House1
William Arnold3
Richard Marshfeild2
William Randle3
Mr Lambe2
Mr Mee4
Richard Webb6
John Collice2
John Wadley2
Peter Haynes4
Gray Cox10
Mr Aley6
William Hall2
Thomas Church3
Joseph Edwards6
John Cooke void no distress for one half year1


Richard Cooke2
Jane Nott, widow2
Walter Young2
Benjamin Cooke2
Thomas Palmore2
John Sampson2
William Mabberly2
Timothy Longnill2
Giles Webly2
Elinor Paynter2
George Phillips1
Samuel Wodward1
William Fewtrell1
John Webb1
William Wooly1
William Simonds1
James Dyer1
Peter Watts1
Hugh Proser1
Widow Grigory1
Widow Wintle2
Joseph Browne1
Arthur Dudly1
William Watts1
Widow Jones1
Stephen Mote1
Widow Lugg1