St Mary de Lode Parish

City of Gloucester

1671:TNA, E179/247/13, 56v
1672:TNA, E179/247/14, 30v-31r
John Perry, constable
The previous assessment includes over 20 more names, including: Mr Hancock (4), Dr Sutton (4), Mr Shephred (4), Nicholas William (5), Caple Henbery esq. (6), Henry Fowler (8) and Mr Harmer 'at the Castle'. These appear to have been incorporated in the West Ward in the 1672 assessment.
Certificate: TNA, E179/116/544/106
Date:3 August 1672
Signed By:John Deighton, vicar
Thomas Andrews, churchwardens
Giles Freeman, overseers
Authorised by:William Russell & John Gythens, aldermen
The certificate was authorised with 102 names, but only 98 were included in the assessment.
The status of John Ingley, Jervase Hide and of John Lambert & Widow Paynter 'of the College' is uncertain. They appear to be either later additions or people who 'signed' the certificate.
Thomas English2
Thomas/William Day2
Samuel Keene / Samuel Reeve2
John Soudly2
John Trough2
Thomas Pickrige / Thomas Luckrige2
William George3
Giles Freeman8
James Packer2
Thomas Andrews2
Widow Bayley1
Hester Baldwin1
James Sayer1
Henry Clarke1
Mr Wheler4
Nathaniel Iles2
Robert Butt1
Richard Wells2
Thomas Flooke5
Henry Bradly2
William Benson2
Roger Church3
Mr Charles Peirson11
Widow Kinge3
Widow Johnson2
Samuel Perkins2
John Perry1
William Mudwell2
Widow Green2
Henry English2


Andrew Beard1
Anne Tayler1
John Bouton1
John Eden1
George Hignell1
Mary Poole1
Jane Wall1
Thomas Turner1
Robert Horsted1
Sarah Williams1
Widow Harris1
Griffeth Nicholls1
Margaret Harrod, widow1
John Harbert1
Anne Netheway, widow1
John/George Gotman1
John Phillips1
Joyce Cowles1
Hester Burly1
Joyce/John Cowles1
Hester Marshfeild1
John Jeofrys1
Anne Cowles, widow1
John Hawkins1
Dennis Smith1
Katherine Joseph1
Francis Berry1
Mary Green1
Nicholas Clarke1
Thomas Powell1
John Perry1
Thomas Perry1
Edward Jackson1
Abel Lewis1
Widow Barrett1
Thomas Wineat2
Joan Teale1
Widow Powell1
John Cugly1
John Beson1
William Stowell1
John Kite1
Elizabeth Depreene1
Elizabeth Highon1
William Watts1
Bridget Power1
Alice Harison1
Robert Bradly1
Elizabeth Lewis2
William Hawlin1
William Herrin1
John Bidwell1
Samuel Webly1
Isabel Webb1
Katherine Davis1
Francis Farmer1
John Higgons1
Richard Woodward1
Francis Beist1
Thomas Norris1
Margaret Harding1
Richard Norris1
Thomas Ingly1
Elinor Green1
John Price1
John Lambath1
Evan Price1
Andrew Felps1
Matthew Travis1
Mary Gwilliams1
Austin Loggins2
Elizabeth Lewis1
Hugh Powell1
Stephen Tucklin1
Walter Fryer1
Edward Haynes1
Richard Hewer1
John Lewis1
Margaret Andrews1
Alice Osberne1
Henry Holiday1
Edward Barnes1
Jasper Hide1
Giles Kinge1
George Wood1
Joan Tasker1
John Evans1
Arthur Inkley1
Giles Ockford1
Richard Faroe1
James Morse1
Thomas Hewes1
Henry Goodwin1
George Laputt1
Margaret Waye1
John Jeofryes1
William Hiner1
Daniel Bishop1