East Ward

City of Gloucester

1671:TNA, E179/247/13, 57r
Jonathan Rogers & William Brooke, constables
1672:TNA, E179/247/14, 30r-v
William Merriott, constable
Only the last 14 entries of the assessment and the list of exemptions survive from the 1671 assessment.
The 1671 assessment included Giles Maydling 1 oven (5).
Certificate: TNA, E179/116/544/104
Date:1 August 1672
Signed By:Thomas Woolnough
Stephen Doughton & James Philips, churchwardens
Giles Marden, overseers
Authorised by:William Russell & Thomas Aram
2 names (William Mills & Giles Marden) were crossed out before the certificate was authorised.
Thomas Longford2
Robert Hill3
Nicholas Webb3
James Phillips2
Hester Lye1
Mary Clevely2
William Burt2
Thomas Browne2
Jonathan Rogers6
Richard Partrige4
William Merriott5
Thomas Vaughn1
Joan Philpot2
Nathaniel Challiner3
Henry Brett esq.7
Widow Tayler5
Giles Webly3
John Perkes10
John Welsted 1 & forge2
And for his forge arrears 1 year1
William Hodgis6
Thomas Phillips2
Joseph Horner esq.3
John Wilkins2
William Jorden3
John Lugg2
Joan Harwood2
James Browne2
Isaac Lumbert3
Stephen Dowton2
William Woodward 1 & forge2
And for his forge 4 half year arrears2
Richard Ollife2
Dorothy Hampton3
Widow Caudle2
John Horner1
Anthony Sanders2
Peter Smith4
Daniel Seire2
William Brooke2
Richard Rogers2
Matthew Nicholls2
John Lewis1
Thomas Hains2
John Paris1
Thomas Lane2
Nathaniel Castle3
Widow Powell1
Richard Price2
Nathaniel Browne5
Robert Savery 2 & forge3
And for his forge 4 half year2
Doctor Clerwater5
Mr Bruster5
Mr Heming6
Thomas Selwin1
Thomas Hospitall9
Daniel Bishop2
Edward Nurse esq.7
Daniel Payne5
Mr Freeman3
Henry Knowles4
Daniel Hewes2
Thomas Onion2
John Clarke1
Samuel Wintle2
Thomas Lane2
Elizabeth Proverbs2
Edward Smith2
Giles Maydlin6
Samuel Lye3
John Webb3
Anne Pingley, widow4
Charles Mayors3
John Elliotts1
Phillip Ebbs, 2 houses4
John Mathews gent.17
Henry Mason new erected paid for one half year1


Anne Griffin1
Peter Bencn2
Richard Holton2
Joan Cluitt1
Anne Mills1
Widow Evans1
Anne Barton1
Richard Cowles1
Richard Armitage1
Thomas Rowland1
Sarah Pinchback1
William Hipps1
Michael Turner1
Edward Sturmy1
John Marten2
John Prickett1