St Catherine's Parish

City of Gloucester

1671:TNA, E179/247/13, 58v
1672:TNA, E179/247/14, 30r
Henry Lyes, constable
The first half of the assessment is missing from the 1671 assessment. This noted before the list of exemptions, that many poor people received alms and had been omitted.
Certificate: TNA, E179/116/544/102
Date:30 July 1672
Signed By:Thomas Williams, churchwardens
William Wooding, overseers
Authorised by:William Russell & Thomas Aram
Robert Jackson was deleted from the certificate.
Widow Roberts2
William Maning2
Thomas Rogers 2 & 1 oven3
Henry Lyes2
William Howlet2
Thomas May1
John Brookes1
Timothy Rowles2
Nathaniel Hutchins4
Hannah Fry2
John Edmonds3
Widow Wagstaffe2
Barnard Nelmes4
Mr Shaperd8
Mr Hancox4
Thomas Browne1
William Rowles1
Thomas Tackwell2
John Tarne3
Mrs Hughs1
Robert Hobb1
Henry Eve2
Barnard Oakey1
Widow Guy3
Richard Hathway1
Daniel Oakey1
John Adams1
Samuel Jones4
John Cheeseman2
Giles Willis3
James Clifford2
Thomas Marten1
John Izerd1
Anthony Waker1
Thomas Williams1


William Arnold1
Widow Shillome1
Henry Gelt1
John Bingell1
John Woodward1
Richard Buck1
Widow Michell1
Nathaniel Hayden1
Widow Mayo1
William Mayo1
Thomas Mayo1
Widow Williams1
John Brookes1
John Cudd1
Thomas Jones1
William Harris1
Widow Jacksons1
Widow Roberts1
Widow Atkison1
William Greeg1
Edward Huett1
John Dowell1
Thomas Marten1
Samuel Roberts1
James Gibbons1
Widow Leonard1
John Harper1
Thomas Jacklin1
Roger Phillips1
Thomas Browne1
Anthony Archard1
Daniel Blanch1
Trustrum Blanch1
Thomas Grindle1
Joseph Hedges1
Thomas Dambe1
Margaret Bittle1
Richard Price1
John Panter1
Widow Viner1
William Hill1
Thomas Rogers1
Widow Went1
Benjamin Freeman1
John Mills1
Widow Tayler1