Lower North Ward

City of Gloucester

1671:TNA, E179/247/13, 58r
1672:TNA, E179/247/14, 29v-30r
William Jeffs, constable
The beginning of the 1671 assessment is missing and the list of exemptions was given after the assessment for Hare Lane.
Certificate: TNA, E179/116/544/103
Date:17 September 1672
Signed By:Thomas Deane & George Filder, overseers
Authorised by:William Russell & Thomas Aram
Parish of St Aldate
'The houses wherein the 13 persons in the column next the left hand doe inhabite are but of 20s per annum yearely rent, & the people themselves are very poore. And the houses wherein most of the other persons above named doe inhabite are not above 18s per annum rent, & the persons themselves are all of them very poore people, and many of them doe receive weekely almes out of the parishe'.
William Savory1
And for his forge2
Richard Bradgate2
Austin Newman2
Richard Williams2
William Andrews4
Alderman Price7
James Miles3
Mr Smith9
William Good2
Giles Rundle2
John Loveill1
Joseph Browne2
Mary Smith2
Widow Iles7
John Mosely3
William George1
John Hornege2
Widow Toms2
William Jeffs1
William Smith1
Henry Harison2
Richard Bosely4
Edward Charlton5
Luke Pickring3
Samuel Haynes1
Widow Ebbs1
William Beard2
Mr Wantner6
Widow Hale3
Phillip Green2
Widow Gothrige1
John Davis3
Robert Cutlife2
Widow Browne2
John Beard3
Giles Webly2
Henry Cox1
Thomas Steevens1
Thomas Hale2
Richard Hughs2
Richard Hanns4
Edward Sturgis1
Richard Flatcher2
Thomas Outing2
Robert Steevens / Henry Price13
Edward Harris3
Robert Curr2
Mrs Palmore5
Richard Price2
William Dubberly1
Robert Millerd1
Roger Heath1


James Michell1
John Bennett1
William Lewis1
William Raynalls1
Francis Riggs2
Sarah Nicholls, widow1
Alice Goulding1
Thomas Garrett1
William Allen1
Francis Pritchard1
Margaret Card1
Widow Fewtrill1
Peter Browne1
Widow Tayler1
John Pritchard1
Walter Powell1
Widow Rickards1
John Price1
Thomas Bills1
Thomas Summers1
William Hinton1
Richard Buckson1
John Atwood1
John Cross1
Widow Williams1
Thomas Hooper1
Daniel Viner1
Nathaniel Jones1
Richard Tayler1
Widow Powell1
John Hankes/Hancox1
Joan Palmore, widow1
John Fry1
Humphrey Bower2
Edward Harding1
Widow Douton1
Richard Green1