North Ward

City of Gloucester

1671:TNA, E179/247/13, 57v-58r
1672:TNA, E179/247/14, 29r-v
John Rodway, constable
The beginning and much of the remainder of the 1671 assessment is missing.
Certificate: TNA, E179/116/544/101
Date:20 July 1672
Signed By:Thomas Wollnough
Phillip Greene & John Freame, churchwardens
Authorised by:William Russell & Thomas Price
Parish of St John's
Widow Greene was deleted from the certificate before it was signed by the justices.
Thomas Peirce7
Samuel Wintle2
Mr Tayler4
Mr Roberts2
James Pittes3
James Peace5
Edward Whitfeild2
Edward Cartwright3
Edward Tayler5
Mr Chapman3
Mr Washburne5
Mr Chamberlin3
Mr Cumberland6
Mr Gitting4
Mrs Carroll3
Mr Taylor9
Robert Rick1
Mr Bishop2
Mr Lugg2
Thomas Lugg4
Arnold Arome2
Mr Bishop3
Mr Lane4
Mr Mayne5
Mr Licence2
Mr Church2
William Burrows1
John Hancox3
Robert Perry4
Mr Licence7
William Bullock3
Thomas Lugg3
Richard Colly3
Robert Bunter3
John Rodway5
Mr Beale3
Mr Walter5
Mr Cooke5
John Gardner1
Thomas Goslin4
Richard Humfryes3
Daniel Collerick2
Widow Burrows2
Samuel Burrows4
John Shipton1
Charles Austen2
Anthony Markley4
John Allen1
John Green2
Edward Green6
Thomas Partrige2
Widow Howlett3
Doctor Feilding11
Humphrey Hitchins3
Edward Norman1
Winston Cox2
William Wood2
Gray Cox11
Thomas Wood2
Laurence Allen2
Toby Price2
Thomas Cooke1
John Hancox1
William Skidmore2
Mr Wilcox2
Widow Shayle3
John Evans3
Edward Hayward5
Mr Gold2
John Bennet2
Samuel Hayward6
Mr Smith6
Mr Sampson3
William Redwood 3 not finisht5
Robert Wilmott4
Henry Abbotts3
Mr Rawlins9
Mr Reeves2
And for his forge 2 years arrears2
Mr Russell4
Francis Yeates4
Thomas Mills3
John Bennett2
Daniel Rundle2
James Cordell1
Richard White2
Serjeant White2
Henry Medway2
John Woodward2
John Freame2
Widow Greenhill3
Widow Green1
Samuel Kent1
Nathaniel Hathway9
George Farley3
And for 2 forges4
John Woodward3
Thomas Deane1
And for his forge 2 years arrears2
George Feidler2
And for his forge 2 years arrears2
Richard Cooke5
Thomas Hathway3
George Longden2
Joseph Phelps4
John Green4
Daniel Griffeth2
Mr Arome10
Robert Webly4
William Steevens1
Margaret Cooke2
Edward Hicks1
Edward Harding2
Thomas Hooper1
Widow Curnock1
Thomas Gorton1
William Turner1
William Cowles3
Richard Tayler1
William Baker1
Daniel Viner1
Nathaniel Jones1
John Atwood1
John Truman1
Henry Craft2
Thomas Sumers2
Henry Rundle3
Henry Parlor1
John Watkins2
Richard Fry1
Mary Smallwood1
Thomas Meeke2
Humphrey Merry1
Richard Griffeth1
Francis Robbins2
George Moore3
William Bradshaw2
William Jones2


William Green1
Mary Vaughan, widow1
Widow Ningalls1
Thomas Barrow1
Nicholas Burgell1
Timothy Taynton1
Margaret Baldwin1
Thomas Cudd1
Widow Archard1
Alexander Williams1
John Davis1
Widow Lewis1
John Benett1
Austin Newman1
Widow Bradgate1
Widow Swan1
John Pomber1
Widow Harris1
Mary Camplin1
Thomas White1
Thomas Ricketts1
Thomas Steevens1
Howell Prickett1