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July 1664

4 letters

From:Richard Hall, Nottingham
To:William Dugdale, Heralds' Office
Date:2 July 1664
Summary:Sending details of fees he has received.
Reference:Dugdale's Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Visitation Papers, Harleian Society, 77-8

From:J. Wilbraham
To:William Dugdale, Heralds' Office
Date:4 July 1664
Summary:Acknowledging the notice Dugdale has sent him of the completion of a monument by Mr Marshall.
Reference:British Library, Add MS 38,140, 118v

From:William Dugdale, Blyth Hall
To:John Huntbach, Seawall, Staffs.
Date:17 July 1664
Summary:Acknowledging the receipt of his letter of 16 July and describing his plans for the summer.
Reference:Huntbach, private collection

From:Thomas Brereton, Handford, Ches.
To:William Dugdale
Date:23 July 1664
Summary:Covering letter delivered by servant sent to wait on Dugdale.
Reference:College of Arms, Visitation Papers: Cheshire & Lancashire