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February 1658

2 letters

From:William Dugdale, London
To:John Langley, Trentham, near Stone, Staffs.
Date:13 February 1658
Summary:Telling him the printing of the St Paul's is finished, but the plates are not yet all done. Sends the latest news from London.
Reference:Staffordshire Record Office, D868/5, 9
HMC, Appendix to Fifth Report, 175-8

From:John Langley, Trentham, near Stone, Staffs.
To:William Dugdale, Heralds' Office
Date:27 February 1658
Summary:Acknowledging the receipt of two copies of St Paul's, and requesting another since Sir Richard Leveson gave Langley's copy away to a friend.
Reference:Hamper, 329  Link to Internet Archive
Merevale, HT4/6/2